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Sunday Baroque Interview Julie Freddino, Sunday Baroque, July 18, 2017
For 33 days, violinist Michelle Ross visited 33 public locations in NYC, performing Bach’s Complete Sonatas and Partitas. Suzanne talked with Michelle about that project, her CD Discovering Bach, and her optimism and passion for the future of classical music.

Michelle Ross’ Bach Solo CD Debut Jed Distler, ClassicsToday, July 2017
Artistic Quality: 8
Sound Quality: 9

"The delicacy and control with which Ross separates the A minor sonata Andante’s accompaniment and melody truly impresses, while the D minor Partita’s monumental chaconne moves in long, pliable arcs that enhance the overall drama and illuminate the music’s extraordinary harmonic terrain. No doubt this release represents a significant achievement for an interesting and serious-minded violinist, and I look forward to seeing where she goes from here."
» Discovering Bach: Complete Violin Sonatas & Partitas

WQXR Celebrating J.S. Bach's birthday with a live performance WQXR, March 21, 2017
We're celebrating J.S. Bach's birthday with a live performance by violinist/composer and The Juilliard School alum Michelle Ross. The Preludio from Bach's Violin Partita No. 3 and the Largo from Bach's Violin Sonata No. 3

Michelle Ross: Rejuvenating Our Modern Society Through Traditional Arts Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer Catherine Yang, Epoch Times, February 2017
"In addition to recording an album of all the Bach solo works for violin, since 2015 she has brought this music to the people of New York. She played in bakeries and offices, on boardwalks and ferries. . . Her experiences proved her hypothesis correct: “You just have to get people in a room and give it to them; that’s enough. This music withstands time.” [PDF]

Conversation with David Osenberg on his Cadenza WWFM radio show, April 6, 2017

New Music Tuesday Feature of So Long, Jawn on Violin Channel Violin Channel, March 21 2017
American violinist and composer Michelle Ross performing her own original, improvisational ‘So Long, Jawn’ for Solo Violin’. The 9 minute piece is part of an ongoing series of live, stream of consciousness improvisations – inspired by the letters of early 20th Century author John Steinbeck.

Strings Sessions Presents: Michelle Ross Strings Magazine, January 2017
Violinist Michelle Ross stopped by the Strings studio to perform Bach’s Violin Sonata No. 3 in C major, BWV 1005, Largo and Allegro assai and an improvisation on Amazing Grace.

Michelle Ross to play Bach’s complete sonatas and partitas for solo violin Dec. 27th Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer Richard Carter, blastingnews, December 2016
In an exclusive interview, the talented young violinist gave an inkling what it’s like to ‘live’ with such a monumental repertory staple.

Alumni News: Michelle Ross Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer The Perlman Music Program, December 2016
Violinist and PMP alumna Michelle Ross is on a 33 day journey through NYC with the complete solo works of J. S. Bach, every day in a different location.

Violinist Michelle Ross Inspires—and Curates—New Series Strings Magazine, October 2016
"In 2015, violinist Michelle Ross performed at Eleventh Street Arts, a gallery for contemporary art in New York that also hosts chamber-music performances, and unexpectedly won herself a job."

Violinist plays music to 'change your life' at Powder Mountain Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer Jamie Lampros, Standard-Examiner, July 2016
"Ross, who is the founder and artistic director of Music in the Mountains, said her first performance at Powder Mountain was so positive she wanted the program to continue."

Bringing Bach to the Public Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer Jessica Gross, Longreads, June 2016
A conversation with violinist Michelle Ross, who, for a month, toured New York City playing Bach’s entire solo violin cycle in public spaces.

Suggested Donation Interview Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer Conversation with painters Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff, Suggested Donation, June 2016
"We recorded with violinist and composer Michelle Ross exploring the intersection between classical music and art. Michelle is a hugely accomplished musician and we discuss her early introduction to the violin, the influence of her teacher Itzhak Perlman, her recent 33-days of Bach performances in NYC, and music composition."

Spotlight on Michelle Ross (Juilliard Journal) Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer Michelle Ross, The Juilliard Journal , April 2016
A conversation with violinist Michelle Ross, who, for a month, toured New York City playing Bach’s entire solo violin cycle in public spaces.

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise Alex Ross,, 2015
"The violinist Michelle Ross has been playing Bach's sonatas and partitas in spaces all over New York and recounting her journey in a series of perceptive, affecting blog posts."

Music In The Mountains At Powmow Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer Indie Ogden,, July 2014
"The musicians were conversing not only with each other, but with nature and with me personally, intimately. I responded with tears, laughter and waves of emotion. I wasn’t merely an observer but, as clearly intended by Michelle, a fully participatory member of her group. I could feel the thought and time and concern that went into picking these few pieces just for me, just for us mountain folk, just for this night."

A Review of Marlboro Musicians in Philly Lew Whittington, The Huffington Post, February 2014
". . . violist Emily Deans and violinist Michelle Ross joined Zalkind and St. John for Ades’ Arcadiania, Deans noting beforehand that the composer returned to the Marlboro Festival in 2010 to work directly with them on the technical demands of the piece."

Glorious Sounds of Old Michelle Ross, Violinist and Composer Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times, December 2012
"The gorgeous second-movement Adagio of the Bach concerto seemed to unspool almost spontaneously, as the soft-toned, eloquent oboist Stuart Breczinski and the focused violinist Michelle Ross traded lines back and forth."

Marlboro Music: Recollections Michelle Ross, violin
Her first tour was in 2012-13
"Because of Marlboro’s unique rehearsal structure, we are able to rehearse in what feels like a suspended reality. A plane where curiosity prevails, where we can search and experiment and struggle, oriented away from results, rather towards the questions."